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Wordbrain May 14 puzzle of the day

Welcome! We have all the answers and cheats you need to beat every level of WordBrain, the addictive game for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This is a game for the true Word Genius! The app game is easy to start and progressively becomes more difficult, making it fun and challenging to play. Find the hidden words, slide your finger over them, and see the puzzle collapse. Do it all in the correct way and you will be able to clear the grid. If you don't know the answer use the form below, select your level pack and we will show you all the answers you wanna know. Have fun!

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Size 3x3

t e s
y o t
n m i

Answers: Testimony

Size 4x4

o r g a
n u s o
o a i t
n i t z

Answers: To, Us, Organization

Size 5x5

p d l o f
o i t e m
n i t c o
a i y e m
a i d d l

Answers: Fold, Media, Daily, Competition

Size 6x6

s v t c a e
e e t o g r
t i n a a s
n o c f t i
n e x t i m
d s a n a e

Answers: React, Goat, Seven, Main, Extend, Satisfaction

Size 7x7

p p p r i n t
t n s a e r e
a e s s e n c
c h a n t m o
m c n u r s e
e v o r p m i
l l a t s n i

Answers: Nurse, Install, Print, Press, Peasant, Comment, Chance, Improve

Size 8x8

w n e v r p r e
o r e e e a r d
u s u o t u e f
p p j t e r u f
t n e n n o t d
r a r t t e u g
o n n e e s m i
r e v r v e t s

Answers: Feature, Veteran, Preserve, Future, Judgment, Opponent, Wonder, Turnover, Sister

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